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 Musik! Latin-Jazz! Starte eine Reise zur Schönheit der Karibik mit Nidias Latin-Jazz Musik!   

Music! Música!:  Latin Jazz!  Start a journey to the beauty of the Caribbean with Nidia’s Latin Jazz music.

Welcome.  Willkommen.  Bienvenido!

This is the online shop of the singer-songwriter, composer Nidia Ortiz.  Lay back, take your time to listen to finest original Caribbean music and enjoy it like a stunning Caribbean sunset.

You are watching Nidia Ortiz’s video snippet „Bachata de Mar“ from her new CD-EP „Tu Amistad“  For more videos please visit our video site here or Nidia’s homepage 


Latin Musik – Nidia Ortiz CD – EP „Tu Amistad“

  1. 1 Tu Amistad.1 Hörprobe 1 Nidia Ortiz 0:30
  2. 2 Bésame Mucho Hörprobe 1 Nidia Ortiz 0:34
  3. 3 Bachata de Mar Hörprobe 2 Nidia Ortiz 0:30

(Deutsch)  Karibische Loungemusik & Latinjazz – CD EP „Tu Amistad“ (Deine Freundschaft) beinhaltet drei schöne lateinamerikanische Titel.  Zwei davon aus Nidias eigener Feder, zudem „Bésame Mucho“, arrangiert von dem Grammy-nominierten Don Hart. Damit denkt man bestimmt sofort an Urlaub. Die CD zum Download finden Sie auf

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(German) – Der eigene Onlineshop von Nidia Ortiz befindet sich im Aufbau. Wir arbeiten fleißig, um es bald für Sie bereit zu machen. Bis dahin können Sie Nidias Musik in den folgenden Online-Shops erwerben. Viel Spaß :   iTunes,,, Spotify, Bandcamp

(Englisch) – Nidia Ortiz’s own online shop is under construction.  We are working diligently to get it ready for you pretty soon.  Until that you can purchase Nidia’s music on the following online stores:   iTunes,,, Spotify, Bandcamp, and most common online music stores.  



With her exotic beauty, smooth vocals, fantastic vocal range and colorful composition skills, Nidia Ortiz thrills her listeners by blending elements of lounge, surf, afro-latin, jazz, and pop music.

This single CD-EP contains three beautiful latin Songs.  Songs 1 & 3 were written and composed by Nidia herself.  Song 2 (Bésame mucho by Consuelo Velázquez) was arranged by Grammy-nominated Don Hart.  All music was played by top performing and highly skilled artists.  Recorded in part in Germany and in Nashville, TN.

  • „Tu Amistad“ – is an homage to friendship.  A song not just made for Valentine’s Day, but also for any day to celebrate the many loves and friendships in our lives. This song is the perfect opportunity to say “thank you” to them.
  • „Bésame mucho“ – Kiss me much!  This classic latin jazz ballad is just like a stunning Caribbean sunset. It always fascinates us!  Now in a beautiful and „refreshing“ arrangement made by Don Hart (Grammy-nominated), it will take us right into the Caribbean. This song is for those fine latin jazz lovers and everyone in love with the Caribbean.
  • „Bachata de Mar“ –  This is a „Bachata“ style song (Dominican folk song), composed by Nidia Ortiz herself and it is an invitation to enjoy romantic memories and renew love in the relationship:  „Come and sail into my sea like the day we fall in love ..“  With an erotic touch, a nice danceable beat and its very poetic language, this song is an ideal source for those who like Bachata and want to learn a little bit of the Caribbean joy of life.

CD Credits:

On „Bésame mucho“:  Don Hart (arranger/composer), Chris Brown (drums/perc), Bruce Dudley (piano), Jim Ferguson (bass), Peter Huttlinger † (guitar), Bobby Shin (engineer)

On „Tu Amistad „& „Bachata de mar“  (composed by Nidia Ortiz):  Rodrigo Villalón (drums/perc.), Juan Camilo Villa (bass) Bruno Böhmer (piano), Juan David Restrepo (guitar), Rupert Schnitzler (piano, „Bachata de Mar“) Peter Herrmann (engineer).

„Hi!, my name is Nidia Ortiz.  I’m  a singer and I have been composing music since the age of 9.  Do you like latin and jazz music?  Me too!  Well, now that we have something in common, I would like to invite you to enjoy! Take your time to listen to my music, watch my videos, of course! Leave me a comment if you want.  Thank you for your visit! Take care and stay safe.  God bless“.

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